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Author Topic: Khira the Wolf  (Read 1402 times)

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Khira the Wolf
« on: December 05, 2011, 11:26:59 PM »
Well, since I don't use the Utahraptor form, I'll go ahead and post the wolf character:

NAMES:  Khira among the shapeshifters; Amanda among the humans.

AGE:  27 human years

SIZES:  Human form, 5'2" tall, 145 pounds.  Anthro form, 6 feet tall, 175 pounds.  Feral form, 4 feet at the shoulder, 110 pounds.

HUMAN:  Well, look at a picture of me.  :P  Basically, an average, perhaps slightly overweight white female, brown hair, blue eyes.  Typically wears tee shirts and jeans with tennis shoes.

ANTHRO/FERAL:  She's a white wolf with grey mane, tail and highlights. Blue eyes, sort of like a Siberian husky. She's sleek, not huge like a monstrous werewolf.  She is built more for agility than power, although she has skill in both.  When in anthro form, she can run on either four legs or two.  In feral form, she is incapable od speech because she has not yet mastered it.

PERSONALITY/ATTITUDE:  Her qualities include inquisitiveness, insightfulness, kind of quiet, but with very intelligent eyes. Along with her intelligence comes wisdom. When she sees you looking at her, she will look right back into you, as though bearing all your secrets. At least, that's how I write her. She can be fearsome, but prefers to remain inconspicuous, as far as werewolves go. If she hits you, you won't see it coming. She's fast, and hits just the right spots, usually.  When dealing with her own kind, she tries very hard to be merciful; after all, she made them.

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