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Author Topic: Club Orion *Semi Open*  (Read 1257 times)

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Club Orion *Semi Open*
« on: September 09, 2012, 07:48:14 PM »
***Semi Open means you are capable of joining but need to either note me or Khira and give us a basic idea of what character you had in mind for the RP and what you intend to bring to the story be it basic rp of the daily life of your character, war, destruction, a new organization, ect

Please do not post until we approve your character.***

This is a Mass Effect based role play, if you do desire to join this rp please stick to already known alien races from ME1 & ME2.

Races that can be used:


For more information on races and their backgrounds please go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Races_of_the_Mass_Effect_universe

Though this RP is titled 'club orion' and begins in a club, it will not remain in that club, it is merely a starting point, a way to make a reason for characters to meet.

The time line is based off of the Mass Effect 1, Saren having already been removed of his Spectre status.  Though there will be mentions of Commander Shepard 'She' will rarely if at all make any sort of appearance and likewise with the rest of her crew.


Lights of different colors and patterns danced about as the walls and floor shook with the heavy bass.  All around the darkened atmosphere filled with a multitude of different races mingled, be it dancing, drinking, merely sitting around conversing or saying nothing at all. The main focus in this dimly lit club was blue mostly as well as a human gothic aged touch to it with a spattering of space all about in honor of their name 'Orion'.  It was an odd mixture of design, but as many of the alien races believed, all humans were odd to begin with.

When one came through the double glass doors of the club, they could see the smooth metal dance floor in the center of the building was filled with many feet rising and falling to the beat of the electronic music played by the human dj on a raised platform at the back of the club where large speakers were embedded in the wall around him, while a bar made of fine dark oak resided to the left. The walls behind the bar were illuminated with a soft white light, making the many bottles of different forms of alcohol light up and seem to glow for their patrons and their money.

The one feature that was the most simple but an crowd pleaser was the ceiling, high above fiber optics were all around making the black ceiling look like the night sky that twinkled and shone all about.

Around the dance floor and away from the bar, thick round wooden black tables were scattered about, four chairs of a similar fashion at each table. A metal stairway lead upstairs to a secondary balcony that looked down upon the club and its large dance floor. Instead of tables with loose residing chairs, here were booths with padded seating lining against the railing for the viewers a look of the club below, while another line of booths were up against the wall away from the music and lit but soft blue and white lights.

It was here, in this club, at one of the tables on the same level as the dance floor itself, sat a middle aged disgruntled turian.

Wearing all black turian armor of the light model with the lights on the joints glowing a angry crimson, a single drink seemingly ignored rested by his claws that were interlaced together and laying on the table in a stiff fashion. His whole form seemed rigid and uncomfortable. The only thing that seemed to have life on him other than his glaring violet eyes, was the red facial patterns tattooed over his armored face.

It felt as if he had been in this club for hours versus the only ten minutes of having stepped into this noisy place.  His crew were off somewhere on this massive station finding parts for their ship's drive core, seeing he had no real use to offer his team, the pirate captain ended up in this place.

He had heard of this club recently opening up and owned by a human and it's crew. Being curious of how humans went about to creating a club such as this, he meandered here and wondered not for the first time, why he even showed up to these things in the first place when all he ever really did was drink a harsh drink and sit about doing nothing really in particular here.

Looking down as if the first time noticing the drink before him, he uncurling his talons from each other, lifted the glass to his lips, enjoying the smooth burn as the liquid slid down his throat.

So there he sat, watching and waiting to get the call from his crew that it was time to return to the shuttle. Hoping no one grew clever enough to realize a pirate was in their midst.
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Re: Club Orion *Semi Open*
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