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Author Topic: Anthony Theriza (parody character, scrapped soon)  (Read 2842 times)

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Anthony Theriza (parody character, scrapped soon)
« on: June 16, 2013, 05:07:48 AM »
Name: Anthony Theriza
Species: Human (anthro Therizinosaurus if Carnage Box is opened)
Gender: Male
Size: 5ft-2 (7ft-4 if Carnage)

Anthony is a mundane person, and a highschool student clad in a shirt fully adorned with ethnic markings from his homeland; red base and white-yellow intricate curved lines and dots, and loose baggy pants that are olive green. Unaware of being a mafioso, Anthony possesses a silver ring with sapphire gem with a teardrop symbol engraved on it. Underneath the ring the text 'Lucertola Falce' engraved, and a pair of small blue box weapons adorned with various lines forming random hexagonal patterns. One of them is darker blue in color.

Box Weapon:
Anthony's Box Weapon is a 27-ft tall feathered feral blue Therizinosaurus with red crest, yellow scales and 3.1ft long claws, always bathed in a blue flame that looks like water ripples Anthony calls him "Falce" (Therizinosauro di Pioggia). When standing by, Falce is a 1.1ft tall Therizinosaur hatchling, still bathed in the same flame.

Cambio Forma:
During Cambio Forma, Falce indirectly merges with Anthony granting him a medieval-futuristic armor-suit. His suit is self-sealing and puncture-resistant, and adorned with tungsten carbide plating with metallic blue finish. On his back there is a holographic metering which displays his health, and a semi-circle metering which displays his energy. He's also granted with additional armaments; Telekinesis, temporal dilation, and hydraulic claws, and many more.

Falce biologically and literally merges with Anthony forming a taller anthropomorphic Therizinosaurus whose claws are bathed in the flame, while being clad in his same clothes. On his back are a pair of rifles with tonfa grip fitted with miniature particle accelerators and two-pronged tips in place for their barrels. Anthony uses these collider guns for offense, finishing blows, or propulsion.

Anthony is sometimes calm, but sometimes, calm before the storm. It is why he can get easily angered over small arguments and provocations. Although he tries to stay cool. Even so, he still remains aware that he shouldn't use Box Weapons over small situations, except near-death ones. Implying that he still has a degree of self-control. One good example was when he was nearly killed in a brawl against a bully in his school, his Box Weapon automatically opened and granted Anthony a chaingun called "Micro Drago di Pioggia". A blistering rate of fire made the bully literally frozen in time and impaled with approximately 400 small javelins in less than a minute.

Anthony is also somewhat shy and awkward. He mostly avoids interaction with other people although he doesn't really mind getting helped by them, and sometimes returning favor to them. Anthony is actually kind, but mostly insecure and un-confident to himself, sometimes making people actually worried about him.

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Re: Anthony Theriza (parody character, scrapped soon)
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2018, 04:57:39 AM »
What I'm interested in is this forum has the content I'm studying.


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